You Give Strength To The Weary
You Give Strength To The Weary

You Give Strength To The Weary

Rachel E Reader

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Soaring Like Eagles

Whether you are young or old, at times in our lives we all can get tired, run down and weary because of the pressures, commitments, responsibilities we face on a daily basis. We go through battles and trials. Life can become completely overwhelming.

Sometimes it can seem that no one sees us, knows exactly what we are going through and we can feel lonely, uncared for or unloved.

Based on Isaiah 40:29, this song is one of reassurance that God sees us in the midst of our daily grind and struggles.

I have learned in my own walk that God never gets tired or weary like we do and He totally ‘gets us.’  He understands life is not easy and what we have to face each waking moment. When we lift up our eyes, take them off our circumstances to Him He can rescue and comfort us.  He looks at us with His tender eyes of compassion and love, not with judgement or condemnation.

When I am feeling completely exhausted with the weight of the world on top of me, I cry out to Him and ask Him to help me. In a flash He’s right there.  I’ve known His presence to come on me in such a way that I can find release from the levels of pent up stress and emotions that I’ve bottled up by crying. By the time I’ve emptied myself of it all, I’m soaked in my tears but I feel lighter, renewed and strengthened again by His Holy Spirit, ready to go again.

Isaiah 40:31 says that if we wait on Him, we will find new strength, we will soar high on wings like eagles, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not faint.

Rachel E Reader

About The Artist

Ministering at women's meetings and events, Rachel had been singing songs of healing and Truth from her Freedom EP for a number of years. She shares her testimony of how God healed her from the trauma of domestic abuse and violence and how she came to find lasting wholeness and inner peace.

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