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Dave has been involved in music as long as he can remember. - honing his skills in church, singing harmonies to the rich British hymnody and chorus tunes of his youth, later learning to play piano and guitar.

In 1997 the family moved to London and Dave joined the staff at Kensington Temple, becoming Music Pastor for 17 years. His songs have been sung widely in the church itself, in its satellite churches, and at National and International conferences.

He now lives near Malvern and is a part of the ministry team at Cheltenham Elim, acting as the Worship Director & Minister. Married with three children, he's a musician, songwriter, and Jesus follower.

Dave Wellington Songs

Though The Day Is Long

Dave Wellington

In January 2016 we received word that my fath...

Set Apart (All For You)

Dave Wellington

I am always inspired to write songs when I teach on songwriting. This song...

I’ll Wait For You

Dave Wellington

In the mood to write, I went searching through my phone for voice memos to in...

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