Though The Day Is Long
Though The Day Is Long

Though The Day Is Long

Dave Wellington

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In January 2016 we received word that my father had a terminal illness. His consultant kept speaking death over him and I saw my faith-filled dad become fearful and withdrawn. 

I saw him lose sight temporarily of the hope that all who believe in Jesus have: death is not the end!  So on a night when I was acutely aware of this I sat in my studio and I poured out my heart before God, my fingers feeling every nuance of the keys and my heart putting into my words as much faith and hope as I could muster for my dad. 

My father passed away in October of that year, but not before he had recovered his hope. It was my great honour to worship with him the day that he passed from this earth and on into the truth that Jesus is with us always.

About The Artist

Dave has been involved in music as long as he can remember. - honing his skills in church, singing harmonies to the rich British hymnody and chorus tunes of his youth, later learning to play piano and guitar. In 1997 the family moved to London and Dave joined the staff at Kensington Temple, becoming Music Pastor for 17 years. His songs have been sung widely in the church itself, in…

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