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Born in WWII, middle one of three boys in a good-living but non-practising typical British ‘christian’post-war family. Sent, not taken, to Baptist Sunday School down his street in the Black Country, the West Midlands of England.
Attended through the Fifties, with a break till early Sixties when a new, young pastor invited him and some neighbourhood mates to a youth discussion group at his old church.

Learning and re-learning about the Bible and God’s love through his old Sunday School teachers he found himself moving gradually from typical Sixties scepticism to the truth of what he began to appreciate only as the best of religions.

Doing well in his job and social life Rob resisted giving over his life completely to Jesus until he bought a most unusual paper-back from a tent crusade bookstall. An avid reader, having read the fictional Chariots of the Gods, he was drawn un-knowingly to the most apocalyptic book in the world with the title of Revelation – the actual last book of the Bible. Having always been fascinated by history he was both baffled and intrigued, but captivated by its amazing teaching, it truly was a revelation . It had struck some deep chords that brought him to his knees in his bedroom to give his life to Christ.

A change of job as editor of industrial house magazines, his dream job, gave opportunities to travel around Eastern Europe and fellowship with underground Christians.

Married to his first love, Christine and with one son and a mortgage, with a new baby on the way, he resigned his job to live by faith and work briefly in Spree’73 with the Billy Graham ministry, having been a counsellor in the mid-sixties Crusades.

A remarkable opening to go back into the industry through his membership of The Gideons, brief youth leadership in an Anglican church, several years in different denominations and involvement in the exciting new Charismatic churches, Baptist and Elim house churches and vice president of his local FGBMFI kept him active in his adopted county of Shropshire through to the late Nineties.

Entrepreneurial gifts inherited from his shop-keeper Mum and praying for a new direction resulted in consultancy, and ultimately heading up his own small enterprises which God blessed as only he can, attaining a six-figure turnover at the turn of the century.

A strong sense that God was closing that chapter and opening a new one and with no plans to retire, he sold the companies in 2003 and 2004. Rob moved to a house with derelict barns which, together with Christine he converted to holiday cottages. Sixteen years in a new evangelical community church, with spells of church and house-group leadership, included the post of Safeguarding officer, setting up a Foodbank and providing premises for a Christian charity. His growing heart for outreach and lamenting the decline of the church and loss of our Judeo-Christian heritage, led to the writing of a five-star reviewed book, Magna Carta R.I.P in 2015 and, totally unexpectedly, inspiration to write biblical song lyrics leading to the release of his first collaborative song with Andy Baker and Nicky Whyman.

Possibly the most unlikely song-writer to enter the Christian music scene as he neither sings or plays, he has around twenty biblical, even prophetic songs to be released in the coming months – reaching places where preachers cannot reach, seeking to communicate the Gospel in what he believes are the end-times that he was first shown at his conversion fifty seven years ago.

Rob's song 'When The Morning Comes' written with Ken Spence and performed by Jonathan Middleton was nominated for 'best rock song' at the Step FWD Awards in 2021.

robtromans Songs

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Rob Tromans

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Rob Tromans

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When The Morning Comes

Rob Tromans

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I Know My Lord Is Coming Soon

Rob Tromans

In December 2017 I had the tune of 'The Churc...

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Ignite The Flames

Rob Tromans

Written after two of the most miserable days of many a long year...

The All In All

Rob Tromans

 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning ...

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