Feast In His Presence
Feast In His Presence

Feast In His Presence

Andy Baker

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Psalm 23 tells us that the Lord prepares a banquet for us in the presence of our enemies. In the presence of God, we are not lacking; he provides for us and feeds us no matter what we’re facing.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Psalm 34:8 encourages us to indulge our senses and enjoy the goodness of God.

John 6:35 tells us that Jesus is the bread of life; the relationship we have with him is filling and satisfying.

The only reason I was sustained through my song-sharing marathon of 52 weekly releases was because I consumed encouragement and teaching from the Bible on a daily basis. I learned new truths that had previously eluded me and I rekindled passions and desired that had waned over the years. It’s easy to get hooked on a diet high in sugar, salt, and fatty acids. Junk food seems good at the time but it distracts your body from craving the stuff it really needs.

I get a sense that God is looking for hungry people…those who hunger and thirst for His word and His presence and this is why I’m so excited to Feast in His Presence with God’s people at two very special events.

The delicacies that consumerism has to offer will leave us unfulfilled.

A desire for money and power will eat away at our humanity.

However, a hunger for God’s word and His presence will lead to a place where our souls are truly satisfied.

Join us in Bristol on Saturday 30th November. We have myself and Loulita again but also blues jazzy gospelly vibes from Out Of The Ashes. I’ve been personally so blessed by their ministry delivering new flavours of ministry in many churches where the atmosphere has felt stale.

I’m looking forward to having Matthew Lunders join us from The Netherlands.  He’s cooked up the most incredible monologue for one of my songs and I can’t wait to see this served up to the congregation who join us on the night and those who will watch later online.

Written by Andy Baker.

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Event Date:Saturday 30, November, 2019

About The Artist

My journey in music began in 1996 after being invited to join the worship band at All Saints, Ecclesall in Sheffield. I only knew 3 chords at the time and soon learned I wouldn’t need to know too much more for most Sunday services. My friend Robin then showed me how to program a drumbeat on Cubase and I’ve been a certified music production addict for 21 years. As well…

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