The Way, The Truth, The Life
The Way, The Truth, The Life

The Way, The Truth, The Life


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I wanted to write a song with as many biblical references as I could to explain why Jesus is ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’, and I could only fit all of that into a song if I rapped the lyrics! This is the first rap song I ever wrote.

In the first verse I unpack my life before I knew God, how at times of despair the only time I would consider believing in him was just to get angry with him and even blame him for everything wrong in my life. As I have grown in my Christian faith journey, I have come to understand that everything good in my life was a blessing from God and everything bad that ever happened was either a curse/attack from the devil or human sin that caused all the problems. Even in the midst of my brokenness and living in so much sin and darkness, God was still there blessing good things in my life, planting seeds and never giving up on me, as Jesus already knew my future was safe in his hands. Looking back I can see so many amazing blessings in my troubled early life, where God saved me from endless suicide attempts, also the love and support of my family, and how I was writing strong faith themes into my music even though I didn’t know God, and so many achievements throughout my childhood years.

In the second chorus, the lyrics:

“Let’s take it back to how we met that day, I never felt so complete, I know that you're the only way the truth and the life, yeah I got you and you got me,”

These are a deep nostalgia, remembering the first ever deep supernatural connection I felt when I first met Jesus, that realisation that Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. I want to always remember those miraculous, childlike faith moments every day of my life.

The last verse is probably my favourite in the song, as it explores the truth that no matter in this world how famous, how high achieving, any spiritual power of darkness, or government authority throughout history, present or future – none of these things can ever win over my approval or seek to satisfy or impress me more than what Jesus did on the cross for me, sacrificing his life to set me free from sin and giving me the promise of eternal life full of peace, joy and freedom. And the amazing and miraculous blessings of love, grace and mercy in my life, filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. This song is the first song in which I wrote about God in three persons: Father, Spirit and Son, and through my faith in Jesus Christ I have access to the Father and the miracle of inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell in me.

About The Artist

Amanda Roche goes by the artist name ARMOUR OF WORSHIP. She is a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK. Specialist skills; Lyricist, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synth. Achieving 'Winner - Christian Category’ in the UK Songwriting Contest 2019 with the song 'Ocean of Dreams', which is the first ever worship song Amanda wrote. Amanda also achieved finalist positions for other song submissions in the same UKSC 2019…



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