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Esther is a singer, pianist, cellist, worship leader and songwriter based in Leeds in the north of England. Esther’s musical tastes and influences are varied – her musical background is in classical music, particularly choral singing and orchestral cello playing, but she has also sung and played in swing, jazz and funk bands.

Esther started songwriting around the age of eleven to help her make sense of the world around her and has always found songwriting to be a faithful friend on life’s meandering journey. She loves writing introspective and reflective worship music which draws on classical, folk and jazz influences. Her mission is to learn how to have a truly authentic relationship with God and to help others with this too. Through reading scripture and then processing her thoughts through songwriting, she is able to work through her questions and struggles, learning more of God’s character and how wonderfully and deeply He loves us. Esther’s hope is that her songs help others meet with God in both the great times and difficult times of life.

Esther Colman Songs

Dawn Of Surrender – Esther Colman

Esther Colman

This song focuses on how we can trust God in ...

Mystery – Esther Colman

Esther Colman

“When Jesus woke up, he rebuked the wind and ...

Footprints – Esther Colman

Esther Colman

I’ve often found life overwhelming and writin...

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